Linux - trouble initializing sockets.

Linux - trouble initializing sockets.

Post by Scott Bow » Mon, 23 May 1994 03:40:52

I've recently installed Linux SLS 1.05, and am relatively new to using
UNIX, so please forgive me if the answer here is obvious.  The Linux
system is running on an independant machine - no ethernet or any other
such outside connections.  A lot of programs that I try to run under it
give me such errors as "socket: Invalid argument"... how can I fix this?
Have I missed compiling something, or is it because of the way my system
is set up?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi all.

I've downloaded RH 5.1, including tons of RPM's. Now when trying to
install, the process halts at 'Partition check'.

I have a P166MXX, with 64 Mb RAM, Two HD's, one Quantum Fireball (2 gig)
and one Samsung (2.5 gig). The smaller one in one partition and the
second in two partitions: 1.5 and 1 gig. That gives C: with W95 wich I
want to leave as it is (...) on the first disk, and D: with 1.5 gigs of
free space on witch I have placed RH. On the last partition, E:, I've
decided to let Q2 with friends reside untouched... It's all in Fat.

What happens is the following: When booting from floppy made with
rawrite under DOS, It looks just like it should (I guess), with optional
install methods (Expert, Kickstart and so on)and all. I choose plain
'Install' and the mashine starts loading 'initrd.img' and then
'vmlinus.img '. In the following detection process it hangs while
'checking partition'. It passes 'hda: Hda1' and stops on the next one,
witch is called 'hdd'. (why 'd'...) with the marker flashing and the
HD-diod lighting.

I've tried too format the drive (no probs). I've tried too boot into
'Expert mode'. I've tried too download another copy of boot.img. As one
post on this newsgroup read I've tried to undo my overclock of the CPU
(witch did'nt cause any problems, earlier I had it clocked to 200,
instead of 166). Nothing works. I've even shuffeled RH over too a second
machine and done the same thing, and on that machine it was no problems,
I got by THAT problem. But it's this machine I want Linux on.

What am I doing wrong here??

Thanx in advance.

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