Automatically Mounting Samba Shares

Automatically Mounting Samba Shares

Post by Scarletdow » Tue, 24 Jun 2003 14:58:28

How can I get Shared folders that are on my Win-98 machines to mount
automatically on my Linux box?

My current Linux project is running SuSe 6.1, and my preferred desktop
environment at the moment is KDE.  I checked out KDE Explorer, and noticed
an icon marked "Remote_Computer".  I right click on it and select Connect
New Device, which brings up a Device Properties window.  And this is where
I get stuck.

What do I need to set at this point in order to access a shared drive?  
There are no help files for this older version of KDE, just a "Sorry, not
implemented yet." message.

Essentially, what I am trying to accomplish is, mounting the MEDIA drive
that is on one of my Win-98 systems, for access to a collection of images,
sounds, and music files without having to just copy them over to the Linux

Samba is operational.  From the command prompt, I can access shared
resources using smbclient just fine.  But to me, that's only useful (at
this time) for copying files over.  I need this drive permenently mounted
and accessible as if it was a part of the Linux box.


-- Scarletdown
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