Problems installing Yggdrasil Fall 93 CD-ROM ...

Problems installing Yggdrasil Fall 93 CD-ROM ...

Post by d.stikkers..s » Tue, 18 Jan 1994 16:47:03


I've just bought the Yggdrasil Fall 93 Linux CD-ROM.
It's been given me a hard time to install.
When I use the CD-dependent version everything works,
during runtime or complete installation however I get CD-ROM
read errors and the system hangs. Anyone seen this before and
knows a solution ?

System used : 486 DX/2 66MHZ
              16 MB RAM
              1 GB HD SCSI-2
              BUSLOGIC 445b SCSI-2 controller
              SONY CD-ROM 31a-02 with ISA controller

              BUSLOGIC = VESA LB
              TSENG ET4000 VESA LB ACC. disp. card
              AZTEC SOUND GALAXY II PRO card
              3,5 " and 5,25 " drives

              OS/2 and bootmanager installed.
Linux has to become second and lateronly OS if I get it working.

By the way my CD-ROM worked perfectly under DOS, so I don't think it's
the CD-ROM players who's giving troubles,

Thank you very much for your time