Now that I've read the FAQ...

Now that I've read the FAQ...

Post by arthur bla » Tue, 27 Sep 1994 06:16:35

A 'few' questions from a frustrated newcomer:

I installed Yggdrasil PlugnPlay (yeah, right) and, when it
tries tomount the root partition I get alot of EXT2-fs
errors. I used e2fsck and it said it worked but I still
get them when I reboot.

Is there an index with descriptions of all the files this
CD put on my harddrive? I'd like to delete what I dont
need (I used "custom" setup). I'd also just like to know
what's where!

My buslogic BT445 is recognized as an Adaptek 1542. Are
there linux drivers for my card specifically?

Where the heck is kermit? I can only find the documentation
files, Not the source or binaries on the CD. I scoured the
CD with find.

Where are drivers for Mach64? (ATI GPT 2MB VLB)

Where did LILO get installed such that the BIOS finds it
upon startup.


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1. I've read/am reading the faq's - but what is a Segmentation fault?

I am reading the faq's as fast as I can, but I would really appreciate a
pointer to information about Segmentation faults.  Every time I try to run
Pico (among others) the system responds with "Segmentation fault".  What
does it mean?  How can i fix it?  Is it in a FAQ?  Which one?


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