Post by Allied Davidson L » Tue, 07 Feb 1995 22:06:59

I am able to dial out on getty.ttyS1 with no problems.
Dial in is wanted on com3/irq5 and I don't seem to make progress
with the uugetty files.
Could anyone suggest settings for inittab,gettydefs,rc.serial + gettys.
(An EIDE P90 system with US Robotics Sportster v32 14.4 on com2
and a Boca v32 14.4 on com3)
Bruce Davidson
Linux 1.1.59

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I have setup a uugetty on my linux box so that my friends can phone in
and do some work while on-line, except that uugetty drops the carrier
after a number of minutes. Does anyone have this setup correctly
without the carrier dropping, if so could you please email me with any
helpful suggestions as to how I may resolve this problem..

Attached is my uugetty.ttyS1 file that is in /etc/default


Cheers for reading this mail

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