pcomm & Linux

pcomm & Linux

Post by Alan Mo » Fri, 20 Jan 1995 21:27:48

I've ftp'd the pcomm.tgz file from Sunsite, but I'm unable to get it to
compile under Slackware v1.0.9.  Has anyone had success in getting this to
run?  I'm in desperate need of a communications program that supports
scripting and minicom just won't do the job.  From what I've read in the docs
on pcomm, it would be a nice fit - if I could only get it to compile.




1. Pcomm & DOSEmu

Well, I've gotten rid of my plague of 'internal compiler error 11' messages
by removing the -O optimizations from the makefiles; I have yet to attempt
this on the kernel, but it worked for pcomm and dosemu.  Naturally, now that
they're compiled, there are problems...

pcomm:  When I try to call out as a non-root user, it complains that a lock
can't be placed on the modem.  Kermit has no trouble locking the modem.
What's the deal?

dosemu:  What needs to be done to get it to boot from an actual MSDOS
partition instead of the imagefile?  Uncommenting the (apparently)
appropriate line in the .conf file just leads to an error because it can't
find a file it wants; I can't fine any references to this file in any of the

Also, booting the diskimage, I get frequent stack errors when working on the
real disk (accessing it by going through the dos directory of my linux
system) - and once one occurs, additonal errors follow at a high enough rate
that it doesn't even finish printing one error message before the next one
hits...  Is there a way to prevent this?


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