How to get term binaries to work ?

How to get term binaries to work ?

Post by Michael Hu » Wed, 26 Oct 1994 07:33:18

Hello, I have got term 2.1.4 setup and got trsh, tredir,... to work.

However, when I get the term binaries 2.0.4 which includes telnet, rlogin,
ftp,...  I can only get rlogin to work, other programs report 'Network
Unreachable' error.  I have also tried to run Mosaic+term, it starts but
it cannot connect to the NSCA home page.

Please help
Michael Hung


1. Problems getting term to work

  I just tried to compile a newer version of term (2.2.5), but I can't
get it to work.  I followed the directions by doing (as root),
"./configure --root; make; make install installman"

  But now when I try to run term as a normal user, I get, "term: can't
find library ''" and it exits.  I don't get that error
when I run as root.  The perms are 755 for the libtermnet files (and
the directories in the path to it), and the executables are setgid
term.  What's going on?  I had the same problem when I first installed
an older version a few months back, but I've forgotten what I did to
fix it.

  Also, how does one get the static version of Mosaic+term to work?
Do I need to have the same version of term installed as it was
compiled with?  That's why I was trying to install 2.2.5...  It
wouldn't connect with any servers (including localhost) with the older
version of term...(it was a pre-compiled binary...)

  Thanks for your help

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