vi (elvis) crazy

vi (elvis) crazy

Post by Morten Guldager Jens » Wed, 15 Feb 1995 13:22:47

Hi Folks.

My vi (elvis I guess) becomes crazy when I use it over a modem-line.

The Problem:
When I edit a file in vi the cursor flicks around at the button line.
(around pos 60 to 70, I guess)
It wastes i lot of bandwith!

Anyone knows how to keep the cursor calm in vi on a modem-line?

My setup:

The server:
  Slackware 2.1.0
  getty on /dev/ttyS1
  ZyXEL 1496E modem (19200)

The "client"
  Slackware 2.1.0
  seyon on /dev/cua1
  ZyXEL 1496E modem (19200)

/Morten %-)




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==>I cannot cut or paste to or from a document when using elvis (vi) in an xterm.
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==>input mode, no difference.

That's because ELIVS IS NOT VI! If you use a real vi you
won't have these problems. I suggest getting nvi, which is
the Berkeley re-write of vi. It compiles cleanly under Linux
and is a faithful vi.

Mark Bergman    Biker, IATSE #1 Stagehand, Unix mechanic

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