POP Client for Linux

POP Client for Linux

Post by Danny T » Fri, 10 Jun 1994 10:02:55

Where can I find information on how to setup POP in Linux?
I have the name of my POP server which I can telnet to, now
what needs to be run on my end to retrieve mail.



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1. POP client for Linux

Hi all,

Does anybody know a POP client for linux (something like eudora for Mac
and W95)? I know of 'popclient' to retreive the mail from my pop server to
my local linux box. But I am not really impressed by the various mail
agent (mumail, xmh,...) that I tried. There is also the mail client of
Netscape but it is really painful to use (it eats to much resources,
memory, colormap,...).
Any suggestion?

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