fgetpwent source

fgetpwent source

Post by G. Vitilla » Wed, 14 Sep 1994 06:51:53

I would like to take a look to the
source of fgetpwent() library subroutine
of Linux.

Anyone may mail a copy of the source to me?

In any case where I may found the complete
source tree of the linux system?
I don't mean the kernel I mean the sources
of the system libaries (like libc.a) and utilities.

Thank in advance, Peppe.

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1. fgetpwent() returns encrypted passwd from secure password file!

Hey all you C, tacacs, and HP-UX gurus!

I am trying to install a tacacs server on an HP-750 running HPUX 9.03,
and I'm having a few problems.

Here's what I want to happen:  I want to have a password file
for dial-up access, separate from /etc/passwd and /.secure/etc/passwd.
When I compiled xtacacsd as received, I got an error because setpwfile
was being called twice, and errored out about not finding the /etc/passwd
to replace.  (This is info for those of you who know tacacs and are
wondering why I'm changing the code.)  Looking at the code, I realized
that if I could use fgetpwent, I could avoid setpwfile.

I've written my own little
struct passwd *fgetpwnam(FILE *mypasswdFile, char* nameToFind)
function, that (although it may not be the best way), works exactly as
I expect it to, as long as the program is not running as root.  It
returns the password from mypasswdFile without a problem.  If this program
is running as root, it appears that fgetpwent is searching mypasswdFile,
retrieves a pw_name, and then does a getspwent( pw_name ).  If that call
fails, then it returns the pw_passwd that it already has.

I need to somehow force fgetpwent to only look in the file that I specify--
is this possible, or do I need to write my own routines?  The only other
solution that I can think of would be for xtacacsd to not run as root, but
still have some way for it to bind to the socket that it needs.  Is _that_

Is the HP fgetpwent broken, or do they all do this?

Thanks for any help/pointers you can give me.

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