where can I find gnuplot?

where can I find gnuplot?

Post by J Ku » Sat, 12 Mar 1994 17:57:52

   Can anyone tell me where can I find the gnuplot for linux?



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Hi, Linuxers:

        I want to compile gnuplt34.taz got from sunsite.  There is a machine
option for Linux (support X11) and one generic X11 machine.

        I choose 'make linux' and the make error:

"term/linux.trm: line 29: <vga.h> not found"

        I check the program, linux.trm is included in term.c. <vga.h> is
the support file for vgalib in Linux.  But I could not find out where
is the vga.h.

        BTW, does it mean the compiled program can run in bash and xterm?
(2 programs in 1).

Thanks for help.
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