SLIP: received wrong character

SLIP: received wrong character

Post by Jan Riche » Sun, 05 Sep 1993 23:17:26


I'm using SLIP (99pl12 kernel) and get the message
SLIP: received wrong character
from time to time. This does not seam to mess up anything
but is quite disturbing.

What shall I do?

Thanks in advance


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1. Pick up characters as they are received from another terminal

I am writing a program which involves graphics and allows the operator
to manipulate the display using arrow keys, etc.

It is necessary that the program pick up each key as it is hit.  I can
do this if the terminal is the one from which the program is being run.
However while the program is in debug proces,s it is much easier
to direct the graphics to a terminal beside the one from which the
program is being run and use the arrow keys from that same terminal.  
Then, one can have debug statements come out on the original terminal.
The closest, I have come to achieving this goal is a program that
picks up the character for every other key.  It doesn't require
a return key.  If you are hitting arrow or function keys, it gets
all three characters for the arrow, the first time you hit it,
misses all three characters for the arrow, the second time, etc.

Does anyone have a sample program where they have done this?  Ican
send copies of my two programs if desired.  (I am running Xenix,
release 2.3.2.)  

Thank you for your help.
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