``df: cannot read table of mounted file systems'' Help!

``df: cannot read table of mounted file systems'' Help!

Post by Joel M. Hoffm » Fri, 08 Oct 1993 22:22:22

After running 0.99.12 for a long time now, and 0.99.08 for even
longer, all of a sudden I'm getting the following error message:

    df:  cannot read table of mounted file systems: Permission denied.

I got the error from Pnews and from a script I run every night via
cron.  Amazingly, the script runs as root.  Also, when I try ``df''
from the command line, I have no problems.  Also:

    # ls -l /etc/fstab
    -rw-r--r--   1 root     root          178 Apr 24 20:35 /etc/fstab

As I say, this problem just surfaced.  I haven't touched /etc/fstab in

Any ideas?


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Benjy Edwards.

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