Making Slackware Bootdisk.

Making Slackware Bootdisk.

Post by Mark Hindess a.k.a. Bean » Tue, 01 Nov 1994 04:52:21

I want to install the new slackware linux on a machine with a PCI SCSI
interface that is not supported by any of the current bootdisks. How
do I make a new bootdisk? Is there anything special(?) about the
slackware distributed boot disks, or can I just follow the
instructions for making a standard Linux bootdisk?



1. Making a Slackware Bootdisk

I would like to run Slackware so I can install Linux on my Zeos
Pantera 90. The problem is that my AMD SCSI chip is not recognized by
any standard kernel drivers. I'm working right now with an alpha
driver to make a kernel that will recognize my hard drives. All I do
now is make zImage on a friend's machine, ftp the zimage to my PC,
rawrite the zimage to a floppy, and boot. No problem there.

If I manage to make a bootdisk that works (recognizes my hard drives),
how can I use it to install Slackware? Do I have to do something to
make it a Slackware bootdisk, or can I just put in my home-made
bootdisk, then put in the Slackware rootdisk?


Pat McCormick

(please do not reply to the constitution address above, thanks.)

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