Sound utilities for Linux

Sound utilities for Linux

Post by Vincent Coc » Wed, 04 May 1994 04:49:54

Any stuff out there on sunsite that would let me take advantage of my
Soundblaster 16 card?  Does linux play .wav file?


1. No sound in Yellow Dog....miscellaneous problems...disk utilities in Linux?

    Just wondering if I'm the only one out there not getting any sound
from his BlueG3 with Yellow Dog? I notice R5 users getting this problem, it the kernel? It apparently detects the sound system but
nothing comes through my speakers.
    Also, things seemed to be working fine- but what do I know, I'm a
newbie to Linux. Everytime I booted up the loading default keymap
[failed]. Then I crashed yesterday. Rebooting allowed me to command-line
login as root "for maintenance." Apparently ext2 got some f*cked up
blocks during the crash and a check was forced. I don't know anything
about maintenence- so I logged out and reinstalled Linux. This time all
the configurations went through flawlessly (except the printer...does
Yellow Dog support USB-connected printers?) and I rebooted. Now
everything came up [ok] on boot.
    Does Yellow Dog support USB Zip drives? I really need to setup Linux
to dial into my ISP so I can actually DL stuff/software for Linux. I
hate having to do searches online with MacOS for Linux info and reboot
Linux just to try it out...not to mention writing down everything I
    I can't wait to see the results of Terra Soft's/ATI's 'talks'- maybe
I can actually run in 'accelerated' mode with my Rage128!

    Enough blab for now...thanks a million to everyone's who's helped me
so far!!!!

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