XFree2.0(S3) and Miro Crystal 16Si

XFree2.0(S3) and Miro Crystal 16Si

Post by Olaf Brand » Thu, 21 Apr 1994 17:24:10

Hi folks,

I have a Miro Crystal 16Si (S3 805, 2MB, 135MHz) and a Philips Brilliance
1720 Monitor (135MHz).

If I try to use 135MHz dot clock, the server always complains about
it ("max 110 MHz"). I don't see why 'cause I don't see where this limitation
comes from. If I run X -probeonly one of the possible dot clocks returned
is about 120MHz.

Can anybody please tell me if this is a hard limit or not and if there are
any workarounds?

Also, does anybody have a config for the monitor and/or card? No, I'm not
going to use it blindly. It's just that I'm tired of testing and hope to
find some hints.

Thanks in advance,


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