Panasonic portable CD-ROM & Linux?

Panasonic portable CD-ROM & Linux?

Post by Dan Bro » Sun, 12 Mar 1995 16:08:12

        I'm looking at buying a notebook computer, and have also been
looking at getting a CD-ROM drive to run with it.  I was looking at some
of the parallel port models, but if I'm reading the CDROM-HOWTO
correctly, they won't work with Linux.  Right?

        So, while flipping through the March Computer Shopper, I noticed
a Panasonic SCSI portable CD-ROM, about the size of a Diskman (tm) CD
player, which comes with its own PCMCIA interface card.  It sells for
~$300 from Midwest Micro, so it seems like a pretty good deal (PCMCIA
SCSI cards seem to be $200+).  Does anyone know if this setup will work
with Linux?

        I'm also interested in one of the CD-ROM distributions of Linux,
possibly the Slackware Professional one.  From the ad I read, it seems
that it starts up under either DOS or Windows.  If this is the case,
would it work with (a) a parallel-port drive, or (b) this Panasonic
drive, even if Linux doesn't directly support these drives?  Or, could
Linux use these drives with UMSDOS?

        Any information would be greatly appreciated about these
questions.  E-mail replies are preferred, and I'll post a summary if
there's sufficient interest.  Or hell, post if you want.  (-:

 Dan Brown, KE6MKS

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1. Linux from Nascent CD-ROM won't mount my panasonic cd-rom drive

        Hi, I just bought the Linux from Nascent CD-ROM and have been attempting
to install it on my 486DX2/66 machine.  I have a cardex SVGA card using a
Cirrus chipset and 1 meg of video ram.  I have 16 megs of 60-ns memory.  I also
have a local bus IDE hard drive controller (32-bit) running two 340-meg
western digital hard drives.  Oh, the video is local bus, too.  I also have
an IOMEGA floptical drive, as well as the almost expected 3.5" and 5.25"
floppies.  I also have a Soundblaster 16 sound card that is driving my CD-drive,
the setup that comes together in a multimedia pack, I forget the exact name,
but it is a fairly standard one.  It is a Panasonic cd-drive by the way.  
A panasonic 54- something I think.  When I boot and root my way into Linux,
It won't mount my cd-drive.  Since the program files are all on CD, that
means I can't install.  I followed the instructions for fixing this problemm
in the manual, i.e. "mknod /dev/sbpcd b 25 0"
                    "ln -fs /dev/sbpcd /dev/cdrom"
This looked fine, but when I rebooted, Linux still wouldn't mount my drive.
I even tried getting new root and boot images via anonymous FTP and rawrite.
No dice.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Mike Van Camp

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