Httpd with SusE 7.2

Httpd with SusE 7.2

Post by Tewf » Fri, 07 Dec 2001 20:59:37

I installed suse 7.2 including the apache daemon. at boot time a
message says starting httpd done succesfully ( ichecked the logs) but
when i try accessing i get an error message as if
apache was not running.
doing a ps ax  i cant find nor apache nor httpd in the listing
doing apache status  yelds a "unused" message.
anybody knows what the problem is and how to solve it?

1. Apache httpd for Suse 7.2

I would like to start using Frontpage extensions, but the server has no
sources and development environment. Therefore I cannot recompile Apache.

Who has a Apache httpd binary for Suse 7.2 that is compiled with the
Frontpage extensions?
Version 1.3.19 for i386.


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