DON'T EXIT SEYON (was: term111 ...

DON'T EXIT SEYON (was: term111 ...

Post by Bill C. Rieme » Mon, 07 Feb 1994 03:13:33

   anyone know what is causing such an error ??
   btw, i'm exiting seyon after running term on my host. and when i exit seyon
   to run term locally, it gives me a 'ok' widget not found error. in the past
   i have ignored the error, bit is there a chance that seyon is to blame.

Don't exit seyon!!!!!!  It seems some versions of Seyon do not exit cleanly, causing
all sorts of problems if you exit befor starting term!!!!!  Instead start seyon with
the Shell command "$ term -l logfile".  This might not be your problem, but it seems
50% of the people that have posted here in the last month with problems running
term, this was the problem.  Purhaps this should be added to the FAQ?


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trap '...' exit int ...

int will cause the script to exit, so '...' get run twice:


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sleep 10


But the natural exit will always causes '...' to run,
which is often not desired.

So should we always write something like

trap 'print a' exit int
trap - exit
exit 0
Michael Wang

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