Red Hat Linux: need Lilo boot install help!

Red Hat Linux: need Lilo boot install help!

Post by Geoff Baysinge » Thu, 10 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I'm having on hell of a time installing Red Hat (2.0.18 kernel ... on CD
from the QUE "Using Linux Third Edition: Special Edition" book) on a new

I've not gotten past the boot disk. In fact it dies at this point:


Welcome to Red Hat Linux!

[welcome message snipped]

Loading linux
Error 0x10

I have specified that it use the "linux" image, no luck, and I've
specified my HD parameters via:
boot: linux hd=3148,16,63

I always get the "0x10" error.

I got Red Hat cause it's supposed to be easier to install than Slackware
(which I've installed 3 times to date, and I have repeatedly read the
FAQs and HOWTOs). Maybe so, but I really need to know what this error
MEANS. Help Help Help!


The Hardware is:

Tyan S1563D dual pentium motherboard with a single P166
32MB non-parity 60ns SIMMs
Western Digital Caviar 21600
Number Nine Motion 771 video card
3COM 3C509 combo ethernet
SoundBlaster 16 w/ASP chip (really old, 3 years, just for controlling
Creative Labs 2x CD-ROM drive

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