Diamond soundcard/CD drive under Linux

Diamond soundcard/CD drive under Linux

Post by Jim Harki » Thu, 10 Nov 1994 05:54:09

I'm about to get a new soundcard and CD drive for my machine.  As much as
I hate to buy another Diamond product they seem to have exactly what I
want (wavetables, 4x cd drive).  Has anyone used the Diamond Soundcard/CD
drive with their Linux machine?  Yes, I know it's supposed to be 100%
soundblaster compatable.


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1. Config for Linux with soundcard & CD drive, SCSI?

I'm looking to get a mid-range 486/DX2 (local bus VGA, probably an ATI) with
a CDROM drive, a sound card, and (at least) a 500 MB of hard disk.   One day
(not soon), I might buy a tape backup.  The question is, should I be
thinking about SCSI? (I'm only talking about SCSI-2)

Options I see:

1.   IDE HDD (Quantum probably), any sound board with a CDROM drive it
     supports.  (later get a tape backup with it's own controller)
     good: cheapest option upfront. most conventional, most likely to work.
      bad: people keep telling me that SCSI expandibility is great.

     Questions:   In General, is IDE still slower than SCSI?  How much?  
        Is this a dumb question because it depends on the exact hardware?

2.   SCSI controller, HDD, and CDROM. No CDROM on Soundboard (use SCSI one)
     good: faster HDD, faster CD (for data apps), faster tape drive.

      bad: more expensive up front.
           tape drive more expensive later.
           likely pay for an extra CDROM or SCSI interface on the sound card.

           Do most sound cards understand how to find the CDROM drive
           on a SCSI bus they don't control?

           Are there any 16bit sound cards which DON'T have a CDROM

3.   IDE HDD, Use Sound card SCSI interface CDROM drive and tape drive.

        good: saved a controller card.

        Question:  Can I run a tape drive of such a SCSI interface?

FAQ's I've read: linux: general, video, sound, hardware
                 IBM PC soundcards

Peter Silva          

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