mail replies to an offline Linux box

mail replies to an offline Linux box

Post by Bret A. Schuhmach » Thu, 29 Dec 1994 07:48:53

Hello all,

1) get my provider to put a line in their hosts file for my IP address.  

What happens if I'm not SLIPped in when the mail is sent to me?  Is there some mechanism for spooling up mail and waiting for me to log in, not unlike pop?

Thanks in advance for any ideas,
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1. Offline reading;

After long nights of hard fight I have connected to the web with my Linux
sistem. I have tried to access newsgroups and I was literally going mad to
discover how to mark a message for offline reading. After some good readings
I think that some other configuration is to be made to achieve what I need.
I have dowloaded the last version of leafnode. Can somebody tell me if this
is the right program for me, since my sistem single-user? Where may I found
some more docs than those provided with the package of leafnode itself? If
you think leafnode is not what I need, can you suggest any other tool?
Thank you very much.

Antonino Sabetta

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