HELP: NEC CDR-210 won't play audio CDs

HELP: NEC CDR-210 won't play audio CDs

Post by Mike Fisch » Sun, 28 Aug 1994 05:00:26

Hey all,

I have a typical 486-33 with a NEC CDR-210 SCSI CD-ROM hooked up to a PAS-16.
I've configured the kernel to have the SCSI on IRQ 10 and the sound card
on IRQ 7, which works fine.

If I mount a standard data CD, it mounts perfectly and all, but for some
reason I can't get WorkBone or WorkMan to play audio CDs.

I've set the file permissions to read-write on /dev/sd0 as the FAQ says, but
that doesn't help.  Listing the kernel message queue says:


after I run either WorkBone or WorkMan.

Does anyone have any ideas?

 Xx  Mike Fischer                  University of California, San Diego

XX   "Smiths Still Live!"                   "Singers do tune!"


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I have this drive, and I use xmcd with no problems. It has an X and
command line interface and allows for CD databases. It's available on
sunsite (I don't remember exactly where, but it's somewhere under the
X11 directory). I had to choose option 11 (or maybe 12) for the drive
choice when running the supplied install script. Sorry I don't have
more info with me right now, but please e-mail me if you have any
problems finding it or configuring it. Hope this helps.

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