Sound card on a T4700CT ?

Sound card on a T4700CT ?

Post by Wayne Veille » Thu, 16 Feb 1995 22:21:51


I tried to use the sound card with Linux on my notebook T4700CT
from Toshiba. But, I don't know what kind of card is in there ! Does
anyone knows if it is soundblaster compatible or soemthing else ?
I looked to the manual and nothing is mentioned. I have the drivers
for MS-Windoze but I'm using Linux all the time...

Thanks in advance.



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i have a nice little Toshiba T4700CT Notebook running here
under RedHat 5.2. Installation went fine, but I am not able to
get the sound working...

Does anyone have more information about the sound hardware used
in that box ? I tried CS4232 and Windows Sound System and it didnt
work. The only information I got from the BIOS is the Base Address
which is 0x530. When I try to detect that stuff with sndconfig it
produces only a small "click" but I am not able to play a .au-file...

Can anyone help ?

Ah, yes, another question: Is the WD90Cxx-VGA-Controller really
limited to 8-bit graphics ? Window Maker really looks ugly with
255 colors... :(

Thanks a lot in advance,

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