random crash, lpd, loadkeys and xdvi

random crash, lpd, loadkeys and xdvi

Post by Ali Alk » Tue, 14 Dec 1993 11:35:59

Hi all,
I am looking for some answers to my recent problems that came along with my
upgrade to SLS 1.3 pl12:
hw : 486 33DX 16MB 16MB swap space.

1- I am getting Warning: no daemon present
when I print without being a super user. I don't get
the warning if I am su. In both cases I can print out
without problems with no problems. Permission problems ?
just curious what's going on.

2- random crashes once in a while without reason, I am
running Linux with 16MB and same amount of swap. I
haven't had problems with pl9 before. Bad memory? Himm..
I thought may be some other Linux users may have had similar

3- loadkeys, does it work with X? It does work fine
if I put it in my rc.local file when I boot but when I start
X all my settings are replaced with my . Putting the loadkeys command
in my .cshrc didn't help. Also executing loadkeys <file>
in one of X windows doesn't change any settings.

4- Have you compiled xdvi before, may be you can help!
I guess I need libobz.a, where do I get it??

Thanks for all your  suggestions to my address!!



1. Can't M-x in emacs; loadkeys causes crash

Hi. I'm having two unrelated problems that I was wondering if anyone
else had encountered before.

1. M-x is flakey in emacs under X on a remote host. Actually, ANY meta
command is flakey. What happens is the first M-anything does nothing.
The next keystroke does weird things. For instance, M-x o inserts \244,
M-x x inserts \327, M-x [some other key] just beeps. If I type M-x M-x
M-x, nothing happens at the first, it beeps on the second, and M-x
appears in the minibuffer at the third. Has anyone else had this
problem? This is with emacs 19.19, linux pl12.

2. If I use loadkeys to load up a keymap, the next time I go to hit ALT,
I get a kernel panic with lots of spew.

Any help at all would be appreciated. Thank you.
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