Can I use a Hard Disk with some bad blocks w/ Linux?

Can I use a Hard Disk with some bad blocks w/ Linux?

Post by Ricardo Lop » Fri, 30 Dec 1994 04:26:37

I have just installed Slackware Pro on my 486/33 with one
120Meg WD and a 540 WD hard disk.  The 540 is the new one with no
bad blocks and I have a Linux partition of 150 Meg and swap of 16 Meg, the
rest is for DOS.  My question is this:
I want to use part or all of the 120 for linux as well (it is presenty the
master drive) but it has soe bad blocks which I have used Norton disk Doctor
on so have there have been no problems using it for DOS.
If I use this drive for a Linux filesystem, does Linux check for bad blocks
and mark them unusable?
Thanks for any replies

PS I know that there is a flag that checks for bad bocks when making
filesystems but I don't know what happens if any are found.

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Hello, dear Internet friends !!

Anyone can tell me if there is any utility to lock the bad sectors for
the ext2fs under Linux without re-initiating the harddisk.

I used "fsck /dev/hdaX" to fix the filesystem but it could not lock
the physical bad-sectors. When I wrote something to hit the bad
sector, my Linux Panic could get Kernel Panic due to accessing
some bad sectors. "fsck" or "exfsck" cannot fix them and it can
only recover the damaged file system only (NOT the bad sectors).
Can you tell me how to do ?

Thanks for your creat help !!!

Best Regards. Louie

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