Installation Problems (Boot Disk Won't Boot!)

Installation Problems (Boot Disk Won't Boot!)

Post by Shabir Satt » Tue, 02 Aug 1994 20:49:49

I am having problems booting the installation disk, I boot from
a 1.44 floppy, the disk whirrs on power up (as if about to boot)
then .....nothing! I have tried most installation routes (bare.gz,
xt.gz etc..still get whirr....nothing!)
I have 512k base mem (4MB Extended) Is that the problem?
I have a Hercules Graphics Card, that shouldn't be the problem
I have a fairly old machine, 386DX and 387 on an Intel Motherboard
Bus Type : ISA (PC/AT) is that the problem?

on this newgroup who is also having installation problems
that may be due to 512k base mem, is there anyone who has
managed linux installation on 512k. Please let us know!


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 A couple of days ago, I installed the Slackware D-series that I had
downloaded and stored on a *DOS* partition on my Fujitsu 128MB m.o. scsi
drive (hooray!).

 At one point I was told that I was required to install the Linux kernel
if I wanted to use the C compiler, so I did.

 When there was no more software to install, I was asked (and I think
advised) to make a new boot disk, which I did.

 However, when I tried to 'reboot' using my new boot disk, I got a
"kernel panic" and a dead machine, so I punched the RESET button, but the
same thing happened: kernel panic.

 So, I tried booting with my old boot disk, which worked!

 Question: How come my old boot disk works but my supposedly new boot
disk doesn't?

 Followup: Is this something I should be concerned about or can I just
recycle that "new" boot disk?
  Bill Hogan

  Bill Hogan

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