DC-2040 PROMISE SCSI controller

DC-2040 PROMISE SCSI controller

Post by Davide Casa » Fri, 14 Oct 1994 01:21:56

 I've got a DC-2040 PROMISE SCSI controller.. it's from a long time
 that I try to use it with linux, but i can't because according to
 Linux it does not exist .. I've passed through kernel 1.0.8 to
 1.1.52 (my actual one) and i've also tried to re-write a scsi
 driver only to detect (not run) the scsi controller from linux..
 but nothing to do... My last & next step it's .. post here a message
 and ask for an help... If anyone knows a way to work with that
 controller please answer...   thanx a lot...



1. Will Linux work with Promise DC-2040 SCSI controller?

I didn't see this controller in the 'will never work' section of the
SCSI-HOWTO, but it hasn't worked for me yet. Can someone recomend a
kernel/bootdisk/rootdisk combination to try that might work?

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