Where Is libXpm.so.3?

Where Is libXpm.so.3?

Post by Richard Sta » Fri, 16 Sep 1994 04:41:30

I recently installed X11 from the SLACKWARE distribution on tsx-11.mid.edu and
am having a problem with 'fvmwm'(sp?).  When I launch X, fvmwm complains
that it can not find 'libXpm.so.3'. This shared library is no where on my
system or in the SLACKWARE X11 distribution.  Is this a fvmwm problem? If not,
where can I get libXpm.so.3?

Richard Stahl


1. I am giving up on olvwm please help with libXpm.so.4!!!

:Hi Big Brains of this sub-culture,

:I adore Linux. I have some experience with HP-UX and I love LINUX, windoze
can doze in the background, but please read on and if you know something or
even have a vague idea let me know.

:I have installed my XFree86 3.2. After about a month I can get my olwm to work.
Now, I tried to start olvwm. Sytem comes back can't load a
 /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/libXpm.so.4. What should I be doing and where can i get
the correct libXpm.so.4 file. Please, help me. I spend way to much time trying to fix this problem. Should I be reinstalling XFree86 or what ???
2. How can i make netscape or any other program as an icon in olwm.
3. How I can have X windows boot up with olwm. I cab get xdm and xsm to work
but I do not know how it is possiblr to start olwm as default when I boot up.???

Please, Please, Please, Please help me I am desperate.


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