HELP - Yggdrasil, Mitsumi CD ROM, ATI Ultra XLR Woes :(

HELP - Yggdrasil, Mitsumi CD ROM, ATI Ultra XLR Woes :(

Post by Bob Thoms » Sat, 30 Apr 1994 18:33:34

I have installed Linux for the first time, using the Yggdrasil LGX (Fall 1993)


a)      I cannot mount the CD ROM drive even though Linux installs fine:
        I've tried      # mount -t iso9660 /dev/mitsumi_cd /system_cd
        With several of the cd rom devices and even after making an entry like:
        /dev/mistumi_cd         /system_cd      iso9660         defaults

        in etc/fstab (The provided documentation doesn't say you have to do this but it seemed like a good idea at the time :)

        The error I get is: iso9660 unrecognised filesystem.

        I have also tried rebuilding the kernel to insure that iso9660 and
/dev/mistumi_cd support is built in but the make step always seems to fail,
usually due to problems at the sound support part of the build...

        b)      I can only get X Window to run with the monochrome-vga server
and with no mouse support... tried several different combinations of answers to the xinit script. I answered busmouse and psmouse and cat /dev/psmouse resulted in some output outwith X on mouse movement but no joy in X...

        xinit seems to not recognise my graphics card chipset even though it
claims the card is an ATI Wonder XL, it says 'ati' is not a valid chipset...

        My setup is:

Gateway 2000 4DX2-66V,
Gateway 2000 Soundblaster 2.0 compatible sound card, IRQ 5, IO Port 220, DMA 1
Mitsmui FX001D CD-ROM, IRQ 11, IO Port 300
ATI Ultra XLR 2MB VLbus graphics card, (ATI 68875)
Microsoft Serial (According to Gateway docs...) PS/2 connector mouse.

        and I will summarise if anyone is interested...



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