Linux .ps docs - print problem on HPLJIII with PS cartridge

Linux .ps docs - print problem on HPLJIII with PS cartridge

Post by Laurence Ch » Sun, 20 Mar 1994 10:38:09

Just started to get into Linux and so thought I would try to print
off some of the docs from sunsite. I ftp'ed them (.ps archived as
.gz). Ran gunzip (?) on my Unix box and then downloaded the .ps
files to a PC. Took them to work and tried to print them on a Laser
III with Adobe Postscript cartridge by just copying them to the
printer port (printer on a Novell network). Whether I do copy
lpt2 or copy /b lpt2 the printer starts up and after about 30"
of processing just gives up.

Are these .ps files postscript compatible files for this kind of
priter? If not how else can I print them?

|  Laurence Chiu            | Walnut Creek, California |



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I was wondering if anyone knew of any tools (freeware or commercial)
that would convert Microsoft Word 6.0 (*.DOC) files into Postscript or
tools that would convert RTF (Rich Text Format) files into Postscript
under UNIX.  Either would be very acceptable to me.

If anyone has any information, I would appreciate your passing that
on to me.


- Eric

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