Post by Karl Keyte, ESOC Darmstad » Wed, 16 Mar 1994 02:40:12

Just what MTU size _SHOULD_ SLIP use?  Sometimes I see 1006, sometimes
1500 and sometime 296.

What do YOU have in your /etc/diphosts file?



Post by Alan C » Thu, 24 Mar 1994 02:36:03

Quote:>Just what MTU size _SHOULD_ SLIP use?  Sometimes I see 1006, sometimes
>1500 and sometime 296.

Whatever the other end is using. With some BSD derived kernels at least 576
to avoid kernel bugs in the BSD code. With older Linuxes a nice large number
to avoid kernel bugs the Linux end. Above all the same both ends.

I use 296 combined with Gerhards patch to use the ip tos field for forwarding
priority. This much improves my telnet sessions while ftping over the same
2400 baud link.



1. ping size and mtu size

I set up a gateway machine with Debian woody an DSL.
Now I find that ping doesn't work with sizes greater than 1424.
After looking in this newsgroup I examined some settings of
MTU size: my /etc/peers/provider includes the following lines:

. . .
pty "/usr/sbin/pppoe -I eth1 -T 240 -m 1412
. . .
mtu 1452
. . .

Modifying the "mtu 1452" line affects the possible ping size,
but it is always limited to about 20...30 bytes lower than the
mtu value.

What to do for sending greater pings i.e. breaking / reassembling
greater packets into pieces?

Thanks in advance,

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