Re-installation + SLS/SLAKWARE

Re-installation + SLS/SLAKWARE

Post by Juan A. Varela F » Sat, 16 Oct 1993 20:21:55

My Linux is too old to be patched.  I want to completely re-install the
system.  How?  Do I have to re-format the whole drive again?  Can I just
delete ALL files somehow?  Is there a document describing this process?

Also, now I found out there is something called SLACKWARE (or something like
that).  Can you tell that I have been away form the Linux community for the
whole summer and more?  So, what is the difference between this SLACKWARE and
SLS?  Which one has less bugs or the best version?  What is the latest version
of Linux on each one?  Given that I am rather new to Unix/Linux, which one
would you recommend to me?

Thanks in advance for any help you could give me on this, I really appreciate

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1. ?? Automatic re-installation ??

Suppose you install Linux to a virgin disk from CDROM,
then install some more software from another CDROM,
some more from a floppy etc.  

Now, of course, I can buy a tape to backup this installation.
But _all_ of it has obviously a backup already, so it it a
kind of waste to buy a tape to backup such a installation.
And I don't produce enough 'bytes' to justify the switch
from floppies to tape.

Does any utility exist, that can keep track of what I install,
and perform an (more or less) automatic reinstallation after
a crash (or rm -Rf *)? Or is there some standard Unix approach
to this problem? (Sorry, but 'the SysAdm' is not very experienced
yet :-)


Per Henning

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