Xconfig with Cl-GD6225 Vl chip on notebook LCD screen

Xconfig with Cl-GD6225 Vl chip on notebook LCD screen

Post by B. Verspage » Tue, 11 Jan 1994 20:13:19

I have installed Slackware 1.1.1 on my HCP6500 series notebook (Micro-
International, 486DX2-66, Mono-VGA/SVGA external, Cirrus Logic CL-GD6225
chipset, Local Bus, 512 KB Video RAM). I am now about to configure Xwindows
using the VGA16 server.

Does anybody know the settings for this type of machine? I see
other people have also been at a loss about configuring notebooks, since
they seem to be largely unlisted in the monitor databases.

Thanks in advance,

Bart Verspagen


1. Xfree 1.3 on CL-GD6225

I am trying to get my `Colani Bluenote' (nice name, isn't it? :-) )
running with 1024x768 (external monitor) but I do not find the correct
settings (although I looked at the Xconfig library at sunsite (ok,
maybe I missed just the right one...)).

Technical details:

Chipset: Cirrus Loguc CL-GD6225 (hmmh, my XFree86 1.3 from Slackware
                                 1.03 listens only CL-GD5422,
                                 CL-GD5424 and CL-GD5426. Is one of
                                 them compatible?)
Videoram: 512 KByte
Monitor: Nec Multisync 3D

It would be nice if someone has a correct entry for the modeDB (maybe
even an entry for the 800x600 mode?) and could post it.


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