sendmail - help with NOQUEUE: SYSERR: putoutmsg

sendmail - help with NOQUEUE: SYSERR: putoutmsg

Post by Servo Dat » Thu, 02 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I am running sendmail-8.8.5-4 with Linux.
When I send very large messages from my client with the Linux machine
acting as smtp server, I get a "connection timed out" message and an
entry like the following in the log file on the server:
"Oct  1 15:47:14 mailserver sendmail[24770]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR: putoutmsg
(mailclient): e
rror on output channel sending "250 PAA24770 Message accepted for
delivery": Broken pipe"

So, even though the message has already been queued, my mail client
wants to send the message again.

Is there anyone who has had a similar problem and can help me?




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Does anyone have any idea what this message from sendmail indicates?
        sendmail: NOQUEUE: SYSERR: getrequests: accept
I seached the answerbook and sendmail man pages and couldn't find anything.

I see these messages on my console about once or twice a week.  I'm
running Solaris 2.4 with the recommended patch set.

Any info is much appreciated,

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