Yggdrasil Fall '93 and Mitsumi single speed

Yggdrasil Fall '93 and Mitsumi single speed

Post by p.. » Sat, 11 Jun 1994 17:11:47

Can I get it to recognise this set up, so that I can install
from the CD? There's no mention of Mitsumi in the manual.
Could I create a new boot disk to allow me to install from
the CD? Also, I have a GUS, where can I get the relevant files
to support it.



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Yggdrasil Fall '93 and Mitsumi single speed

Post by John O'Brie » Thu, 16 Jun 1994 09:03:42

check page 37 of Yggdrasil Manual which came with Yggdrasil CD-ROM.
Looks for mitsumi at IO Port Address 300 and IRQ 11.  This worked
on my PC at work with a Mitsumi single speed CD-ROM.
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Yggdrasil Fall '93 and Mitsumi single speed

Post by Hugh Fras » Fri, 17 Jun 1994 22:51:33

I have the same configuration (GUS and Mitsumi). Out of the box, they both
use IRQ 11. The Linux docs indicate that the Mitsumi driver still works
even if it cannot allocate the IRQ. In fact, it does, but that makes me
nervous so I changed the IRQ to 10 and recompiled the kernel.

I did this in the first place because I was getting frequent mcd timeouts,
which aren't that big a deal once everythings installed and running, but
are a royal pain when it kills the installation script. I had thought the
IRQ change would correct the problem. In fact, it did not. I stumbled
through several unsuccessful installs before getting one to complete,
only to get a pointer from someone that the timeout problem is solved
by slowing the memory refresh rate on the computer.


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