NEC image66 w/ NEC 3V ??

NEC image66 w/ NEC 3V ??

Post by Michael Var » Mon, 14 Mar 1994 09:47:45

Hi! I have an NEC image with an NEC 3V monitor. Does anyone have
an Xconfig for this machine, or just for the monitor. I really
don't know what chipset the SVGA card in the machine uses so I
used the SVGA driver. It seems to work but the image is out
of sync. So I guess I just need an Xconfig for the monitor.
Thanks a lot for your help...


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Does anyone have the proper clock settings for NEC 3V monitor and
Compaq'a AVGA video set? I've been going bugfuck trying to set up X, and
I'm about to break things.

*ANY* help is greatly appreciated by me and my users.



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