Please help me with my ugly slip setup.

Please help me with my ugly slip setup.

Post by William A Bra » Fri, 22 Apr 1994 00:25:08

I am trying to get a good slip setup working between two linux boxes at home
to see if it would be a good implimentation at work but I am running into some

First of all this is being done with a direct cable into the serial ports of
both machines.

I have slip running but this is what I must do...

go to one of my virtual terminals that I usaully don't use and cu to my other
machine. I then login with the id that I set for a dip account (followed the
directions in NET-2-HOWTO) and when I get the usaul messages about dip I then
go back to my fisrt virtual terminal and run dip sample ( I commented
out all the lines that have to do with the modem). Then I go to the remote
machine and add a route to the machine that I called with and slip is at least

There's got to be a better way! (by the way I tried slattach but it didn't get
very far at all). Is it possible to make my dip script connect without a modem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. (hate to have to put up an $CO WAN!)


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