Trouble making LILO bootdisk, and can't find shared lib stubs.

Trouble making LILO bootdisk, and can't find shared lib stubs.

Post by Bill Mitche » Sun, 13 Mar 1994 23:26:50

I have been spending a significant ammount of time on this during the
last several days, and I would really like some help.  I recently bought a
gateway P50 and the transameritech CDROM with Slackware 1.1.  I have
been able to boot with the bootimage from the CD, and I set up a root
filesystem on my harddisk, and then linux works  fine mostly.  

I also have managed to compile the kernel reconfigured for my set ups
(at least the compile went through---I haven't been able to run it).
What I have NOT been able to do is to make a boot disk which will
work, either with lilo or using the command "cat \vmlinuz > /dev/fd0".
If I try to boot a disk on which I have tried "lilo" results in the
error code "L040404040...".  I have commented out compact in
lilo.conf, as suggested in the FAQ.  I've included /etc/lilo.conf
below in case that is the problem.

When I try the other method I have gotten the disk to load, but the
boot stalls near the end saying it can't read the hard disk.  This is
presumably since it is a nonstandard (to Linux) disk.  When I do boot
using the distribution boot disk I have to answer the prompt with the
        "harddisk hd=1048,16,63 root=/dev/hda3"
Incidentally I have the same problem with the disks made by the setup
program. Anybody have any suggestions?

Before I finish lilo.conf, I have one other question.  I tried to
compile dosemu from the CD.  In the makefile it asks for where the
location of the stubs for the shared library.  Evidentally non of the
answers I thought of were correct, because every time I compile it and
try to run it I get an error something to the effect that it can't
find the library.

    Hoping for help,

          Bill Mitchell

        and here is /etc/lilo.conf...
# $Id: lilo.conf,v 1.3 1994/03/11 14:05:47 mitchell Exp $
boot = /dev/fd0
install = /boot/boot.b
# disktab=/etc/lilo/disktab     # not supposed to be needed
#compact        # faster, but won't work on all systems.        
                # I'm commenting this out after reading LILO_faq
                #  ... but it didn't help
#delay = 5      # optional, for systems that boot very quickly
vga = normal    # force sane state
ramdisk = 0     # paranoia setting
# normal linux boot
  root = /dev/hda3
  image = /vmlinuz
  label = linux
  append = "hd=1048,16,63"
# try MSDOS?
  other = /dev/hda1
  table = /dev/hda
  label = msdos


    Bill Mitchell
    Dept of Mathematics
    The University of Florida


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