Epson STYLUS 800..??

Epson STYLUS 800..??

Post by Ji » Tue, 11 Jan 1994 07:14:44

Hey all..
  I'm running slackware ver 1.1.1 w/X 2.0.  
I can't seem to get my Epson Stylus 800 ink jet printer to work.
Any suggestions would be of great help.

Jim Gerhardt


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      I recently bought a new printer, an Epson Stylus 800.  Previouslly
I had been using an HPLJ4.  Now the problem is that I have no idea how
print filters work.  I am running Red Hat Linux 4.1 and Red Hat includes
a niftly little Printer Configuration program for X.  It has drivers for
the HP but the only Epson filters it has is for dot matrix printers.
Printing Text works fine but graphics are something else.  Could someone
either point me to a place where i can learn about writing my own print
filter or downloading one written for the epson.  I haven't tried any
other printers settings because I know if the filter isn't correct my
printer will start spitting out peices of paper with a few characters on
them for about a half hour or so.  Thank you very much.  E-Mail replies
would be appreciated.

-jeff stein

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