Help with setting up news with trn

Help with setting up news with trn

Post by Sean Stark » Fri, 15 Jul 1994 01:35:18

I need some help with trn and linux.  Please excuse my ignorance.  I have trn
compiled and working for use on a NNTP server.  I have no problem reading
news.  But if I want to post, I have a problem.  During the installation of
trn, the program asked for "inews".  I know that inews is used to post
articles.  What is the linux equivalent of inews and where can I ftp the
relevant information and sources for this program.

Thanks for your time!



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1. setting news server in TRN (slackwar)

i used to know this, at least on hpux, but am stumped on my
slackware box.  i tried the file suggested in the man page, no help.

it tries some lengthy "your news server yada" that comes from
somewhere.   i would welcome any speculation, even how
to set an envrionment variable in BASH.  christ, i feel lame



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