Adding Modem

Adding Modem

Post by Klaus Lichtenwald » Fri, 13 Jan 1995 19:16:59

>How do I add another modem? (I have it installed under dos as com4 -
> (works under dos) I already have an internal modem (dev/cua1) and
>a mouse installed. Can I set certain users to only be able to use
>that modem?

You have to use different irq's for every com port. So, if you cann only
set up irq 3 and 4, you're lost.

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1. Adding Modem to SS20 running Solaris 2.3

I am in need of help.  

To this point I have followed what is detailed in Celeste's FAQ about modems
and Terminals on Solaris 2.x.

I have also followed the detailed instructions of a Sun Unix Admin. Class
that explains how to add a bi=directional modem.

At this point and time I am able to dial out via tip or Cu but when
connecting I get garbage.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

I will summarize.  E-mail is preferred..I so rarely get to read news.


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