ISDN cards info [Q]

ISDN cards info [Q]

Post by Maarten Boekhold (Who'd you expect » Thu, 28 Apr 1994 22:37:55

I'm considering buying an ISDN-card, for a direct internet-link. Is there
any info available about which cards are supported by Linux? I can
remember something about a german card some time ago, that someone had
written a driver for.

I have looked in the hardware-compatibility howto, but apperently it
hasn't been updated since august 93 :-(.

Oh, before I forget, it has to be a cheap card :-) (of course, what else)



1. Basic Linux ISDN/Ethernet config Qs

Hi, I need some help connecting a Linux box to a Sun workstation via
an ISDN connection. My question is how do I get Linux to talk to the
Sun through the Ethernet board to the ISDN bridges? I'm familiar with
how SLIP works, and I know how a direct Ethernet to Ethernet
connection works, but I'm not sure how an ISDN connection works.

Do I need to run something (e.g. dip) on the Linux and/or Sun side
before the machines can "see" each other? Or is the ISDN connection
"transparent" to both machines and all I need to do is setup the
standard networking files correctly?

Michael Wang

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