fvwm locks machine when iconify emacs

fvwm locks machine when iconify emacs

Post by A Chris Lo » Tue, 27 Sep 1994 17:22:49

Overall, I really like fvwm, but I've had this weird problem with it.

I've noticed that sometimes when I iconify emacs, my console partially
locks up.  It looks like the fvwm process hangs completely, since it
doesn't repaint the window decorations or respond to buttons on the
window decorations or in the root.  I can interact with applications
with the mouse but not with the keyboard.  I was able to use the mouse
to cut and paste text so I could do commands.  I killed fvwm (first
normally then with -9), but that didn't help and fvwm was still
running (according to ps).  I finally killed the X server and regained
control (and was able to start X again), but ps still showed fvwm

I know that sometimes I have been able to iconify emacs (it uses the
"?" unknown icon).  I think it only hangs when I iconify emacs before
iconifying anything else (like an xterm, for which it uses the
console-looking icon).  I'm running the fvwm that comes with Slackware
Pro 2.0 (CD-ROM) and the unaccelerated XFree86 for the ATI PCI mach64.
My system configuration is:

Pentium 90, Intel Neptune motherboard
AMI BIOS 1.00.08.AX1
BusLogic PCI adapter
1.0 GB Micropolis 4110 SCSI-2 hard disk
ATI Mach 64 PCI video card

Any ideas why this would happen (and how I can fix it) would be
appreciated.  (Is there a new version that fixes this?)


- Chris

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