Yggdrasil boot installaion error 0X10

Yggdrasil boot installaion error 0X10

Post by 25814-rober » Wed, 04 May 1994 07:25:48

I am trying to install Yggdrasil version of Linux on a DELL 433/L
The diskette boots OK. I do get LILO booting message and then
after 20 seconds i get 0X10 error. At this point LILO reboots.

I have no idea what that means. Has anybody encountered this error?

Plase let me know if you did.

Paolo Roberti


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Subject: yggdrasil + HARDISK I/O ERROR 0x10 & 0x59

Big Prob on install of fall94 yggdrasil on a:
        Gateway 2000 P60
        AMIBIOS: 1.00.08.AF2
        Western Digital 2540 Caviar PCI Disk

        Config = drive hda = full DOS   WD 2340 no probs...
                 drive hdb = full LINUX WD 2540 with probs only under linux...

        When I first attempted to install on drive hdb the cfdisk utility
        was doing well and I partitioned the disk, then started the parition
        definiton section, when it tried to put swap as none, I ctrl-C the process
        and tried to start over. Failures ever since ...  

        Now every time I try to boot for a new install I get

        hbd : read_intr: error  0x10
        hbd : read_intr: status 0x59
        hardisk I/O error
        dev 346 sector  0

        After a floppied boot. I get the error messages again then
        the RAM disk comes up.

        cfdisk will nolonger recognize the drive fdisk won't either.
        I've tried to [In DOS] access the D: drive and have had no problems.
        fdisk in dos reports en extented partion with 138mb in it and
        I can't remove it : delete extended part = can't delete extended with
        locigal dirves defined. :delete logical drives = can't delete
        locigal drives while no logical drives exist! over and over again.

        Question: Is sector 0 trashed on hdb and if so how can I start a new?
                  DOS:dfisk /mbr didn't get rid of it!

                        HOW CAN I LOW LEVEL THE DISK AND GET RID OF
                                                In doubt ...

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