Dot-AU Soundfiles play too fast?

Dot-AU Soundfiles play too fast?

Post by James Keith Loss » Tue, 04 Jan 1994 14:35:19

Thanks to everyone that explained that Dot-AU files could simply be "catted"
to /dev/audio.  That suggestion comes close to working.

But not quite.  The files play at 2X or 3X the proper speed.  Is there
documentation or a FAQ I should be reading?  Has anyone seen this?


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1. "au-play" (plays *.au's thru speaker, no sound card needed)

I've uploaded "au-play.tar.z" to where it should eventually
end up in the /pub/linux/ALPHA directory.

It plays Sun-style audio files ("*.au") through the internal speaker.
No sound-card is needed, and it won't use it even if you've got one.  <shrug>

One thing I forgot to mention in the README:


This code is *very* hardware-dependant, since it uses <gag> delay loops.
I have it set for my whimpy 386s/20, but it's easily changed.  Don't try to
optimize ("cc -O...") the compilation, since that would remove the delays.

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...and yes, the latest Linux Device List is *almost* ready to post.


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