Two steps forward: two steps back.

Two steps forward: two steps back.

Post by Stephen Davie » Thu, 04 Aug 1994 04:29:25

Thanks to network feedback, I have fixed my LILO and ext2fs problems.
(Basically a problem with incompatible utility vs kernel codes fixed
by upgrading lilo, e2fsck and mount/umount).

I now have two new hassles. The first seems minor in that I ignore
it and nothing dramatic happens. At boot time I get:
"Partition check:
  hda: multiple mode not supported
  hda: hda1 hda2
 VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.
 cannot open /etc/boot.env"

hda has two partitions: the first is the Linux root partition and the
second is my swap partition. What is multi-mode?

/etc/boot.env exists as:
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root
and contains:

The second has only become visible since I installed a second Linux
box on my local network. As soon as I try to FTP files between the two
Linux boxes in binary mode, I get :

"eth0: bogus packet size: 1534, status=0X1 nxpg=0x??" where ?? varies
from line to line.

Immediately after entering a get or put command in binary mode, the
console at the receiving end of the transfer displays a whole heap of
these messages. After I abort the transfer, the message
stream slows to about one per minute but goes on "for ever".
I updated my ftp version recently to overcome the anonymous password
problem but have lost track of just which version I used to achieve
this. My ftpd is fairly old as I have been unable to successfully
compile the WU version.

I can successfully FTP to other sites such as sunsite etc and I can
also successfully FTP in to my Linux boxes from other non-Linux boxes.

Thanks in anticipation that I will soon be back to normal.



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