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hate to sound harsh, but if ICS is your choice of networking your LAN,
maybe you should go ask Microsoft people.
why can't you just assign ip addresses to your local network and run
samba. which is pretty much how everyone does it?

maybe you can show us what mount command you tried and how it fails?

i don't really care if you are a newbie and no it doesn't make me feel
anything in particular, but certainly you'd PAY for professional help,

>First I have to start out telling you I am NOT new to LINUX, I was
>using it stand alone at version 2 when it was ONLY text based but
>didn't stay with it so I guess you can treat me as a newbie if it
>makes you feel better.

>I have a 100 Mb LAN at my home

>I have ADSL 10 Mb (10 Mb 3Com Card)

>I have 2 computers with Win ME (one of which has 2 NIC's),  1 computer
>with Win 98, 1 Computer with Win95

>I am currently using one of the ME machines with Internet Connection
>Sharing (ICS) from Microsoft

>I have added an 8 Gig SCSI HDD to the machine that has the 2 NIC's and

>I am using Partition Magic/Boot Magic 6.0 to do selective boot.

>I can get the 3com Card to work fine to the DSL, don't even have to do
>nothing in setup except tell it to use DHCP

>The problem is this:

>     I CANNOT get the 100 Mb (Kingston EtheRx VP 10/100) card to
>work on the local LAN.  Because I am using the ICS I don't think I can
>set up any IP address'.  What do I do????

>Also, I can't get the IDE Drive that has the Win ME on it to mount and
>let me access the files on it. What do I have to use/DO??


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I thought I had an answer to this (in middle of
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find it.

Question is: how much disk space will likely be
needed for sunpci coprocessor, using win2k,
*and* at least M$ office professional?

(For extra points: anyone know how much disk
needed for Adobe Illustrator?)

Much Thanks!


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