286 and UNIX (Xenix) - thread ends

286 and UNIX (Xenix) - thread ends

Post by stuart anders » Tue, 17 Jan 1995 21:25:29

If you have been following this thread, I'd just like to close it.

If you are considering buying Xenix for 286, I spoke to Santa Cruz Operations
this morning in England - the info they gave me was:

current release for 286 : 2.3.2 (1989!)
Price: 370 pounds sterling - thats about 600 US dollars

Verdict: no thank you ;)

Well, its been educational ... thanks for your help everyone.

ps - anyone got a copy of Xenix for 286 they feel like donating for
research/educational purposes.... It would have a good home.

Drives the imagination


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Does anyone have any experience with running OLD SCO XENIX binaries on
I have the iBCS module loaded and it works with some newer SCO binaries but
not the one I need.
If I run file on it, it states:        Microsoft a.out separate pure
segmented word-swapped V2.3 V3.0 286 small model executable Large Text Large

Other binaries that are 80386 COFF executable will work fine
No I don't have the source for the program.

Mark Wills

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