SB16 VE and SCSI CD-ROM drive

SB16 VE and SCSI CD-ROM drive

Post by Chuan-Tsung Ch » Mon, 19 Dec 1994 12:35:59


I am trying to install a Chinon 535 CD-ROM drive and a Sound Blaster 16 Value
Edition on my 486 system with an Adaptec 1542CF controller.

From the Hardware-HOWTO, I learned that "SoundBlaster 16"
is supported by Linux.  But, could some one clarify one thing for me?

Question: Does the Sound Blaster 16 Value Edition work with a SCSI CD-ROM

The reason I am asking this questions is as follows.
According to the manual from Sound Blaster, I could remove a
jumper to disable the interface reserved for the Creative Lab CD-ROM drive.
But, the jumper simply does not exsit on the board.  Hence, I am assuming
that SB 16VE is made exclusively for Creative Lab CD-ROM drive, and it can not
be used with a SCSI CD-ROM drive.  Please let me know if I am wrong.

Thank you.



1. Installation off non-SCSI SB16 cd-rom drive?

I've looked and looked, and I can't find an answer to that question anywhere.

I remember the last time I looked into linux, you had to have a SCSI drive to
install any of the CD's.  Life for me (a 14400 SLIP user) would not be
pleasent have to download every over the modem.

So, can I in fact now, with the much later and greater version of linux, run,
say the Trans-Ameritech install (of a full system, not a "test" system) with
the cd-rom that is hooked into my SB16 (not the SCSI-II variant).

Thanks tons in advance for a simple yes or no (I hope!) which I couldn't get
from Trans-Ameritech.

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